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Summer Style

  With the hottest season in full swing, summer style is a must! Basically summer style is easy (for men at least).It's safe to say that if you have a pair of nicely fitting swim shorts, a basic white t-shirt, white shirt or even a linen shirt, you are safe and good to go. When picking out the right swim shorts, you want to go for a ideal fit (not to tight and not to loose) and a medium length (ideally just slightly above your knees).  -> I can always recommend shorts by Orlebar Brown or Vilebrequin (depending on your taste either with print or unicolour) Regarding the accessories!A definite must have every summer are sunglasses (need to protect your eyes...

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Summer Accessories!

As the days get warmer, our wrists become more and more populated by bracelets, rings, straps, watches and all kinds of different accessories. Jewellery used to be just for the ladies, but more recently trends from the major runway shows and fashion HQ's have given men the permission to wear accessories, specifically bracelets.  There are many different brands out there supplying the need for men to add some details, but which one will fit to my specific needs? Well here are our 2 cents on what to look out for on mens accessories: Quality is key! You want to go for high quality materials and great craftsmanship. (nobody likes a rash or similar just because of cheap material usage) Go...

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Insights into fashion, watches and everything awesome!

We have been thinking a lot about how to create a unique experience for our visitors, customers and especially our community. The recent addition of products to our website showed us that there are a bunch of people out there that come visit our website and are seeking for more insights and tipps and tricks.  So from here on out we will give you our 2 cents on fashion, watches and everything we find awesome!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to always be up to date. In addition you can also subscribe to our Newsletter to never miss out on any update.  Thank you for all the love and support each and everyone throws our way! Best regards, Nikolaus & Matthäus Hirsch...

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