Summer Style


With the hottest season in full swing, summer style is a must!

Basically summer style is easy (for men at least).
It's safe to say that if you have a pair of nicely fitting swim shorts, a basic white t-shirt, white shirt or even a linen shirt, you are safe and good to go.

When picking out the right swim shorts, you want to go for a ideal fit (not to tight and not to loose) and a medium length (ideally just slightly above your knees).  
-> I can always recommend shorts by Orlebar Brown or Vilebrequin (depending on your taste either with print or unicolour)

Regarding the accessories!
A definite must have every summer are sunglasses (need to protect your eyes from the sun). In particular a classic pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers will do the job nicely!
We like pairing the rest of our accessories with our sunglasses for ultimate matching details.
In terms of bracelets, we will wear them a bit looser during the hot summer days, because it is more comfortable. As you will be in contact with water a lot, go for water-resistant materials when choosing a bracelet, in that case you will not need to take it off before taking a swim
-> for example our SOBEK Bracelets 

In the end style is always a personal preference, so pick what you like! 




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