Summer Accessories!

As the days get warmer, our wrists become more and more populated by bracelets, rings, straps, watches and all kinds of different accessories.

Jewellery used to be just for the ladies, but more recently trends from the major runway shows and fashion HQ's have given men the permission to wear accessories, specifically bracelets. 

There are many different brands out there supplying the need for men to add some details, but which one will fit to my specific needs?

Well here are our 2 cents on what to look out for on mens accessories:

  • Quality is key! You want to go for high quality materials and great craftsmanship. (nobody likes a rash or similar just because of cheap material usage)
  • Go for a lighter fit, this will keep you from feeling strangled (especially in summer)
  • Mix and match! There are no real rules for wearing accessories for men, but less is more. Try not to mix a lot of pieces with each other, instead go for 1 to 3 pieces to overall match your outfit. Unless you are a rockstar then embrace the usage of a lot of accessories.
  • If you like colours give your outfit an additional boost by adding colourful pieces of jewellery. 


Here are some recommended options:

Simple yet elegant:

  Found here    

Or plain and meaningful: 

 Found here

Of course you can always go with one of our leather bracelets:

 Found here


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